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Learn About GlossByLon!

GlossByLon was created  so you and others could feel acceptable in your own body! I  noticed when I and others use  lip scrubs and lip gloss  it makes your lip shine just like how you shine and makes others and I feel wonderful and would like to start taking pictures.

here's a little confidence that you proves you can do it!

GlossByLon was made by a young talented and blessed little girl named Lon'Dyn Baker Graham, Lon'Dyn is 10 years old she goes by the name Londy Poo , Lon or lon lon .Lon'Dyn was always a very sassy , bossy , strong and smart little girl!  Lon'Dyn dance,raps,modeled,cheered,played basketball and tea  ball she even was a actrist, pearlette and  a girl scout! ,Long ago her memaw died that was the love of her heart she loved her memaw so much she jumped on her back, played with her and even cooked with her , November 

17th 2020  Lon'Dyn wanted to make a change. Lon'Dyn got up and said FIERCELY  I WANT TO START A LIPGLOSS BUSINESS Lon'Dyn kept pushing it and until this day Lon'Dyn is still here making gloss by GlossByLon!❤

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